80’s X-Men: was number 8 really that great?

So I’ve had a a week to thoroughly think over what I thought of X-Men: Apocalypse now, and after having a scan over a few reviews here and there, my opinion on is pretty well-formed by now. To get to the point, I liked it – but, to be honest, I’m bound to like it. I’ve grown up watching the X-Men films, so I definitely have a soft spot for the franchise, and in order for me to give a poor review on one of the films it would have to be truly shit. And I’m quite glad to say that this one wasn’t shit; there were many great moments of character development and emotion, and although there were too many supporting characters within the film, I enjoyed seeing the new editions/return of familiar faces. This isn’t to say that there weren’t aspects of poor quality within the film. There were definitely certain lines that seemed forced and unnatural amongst the action, put in there for the purpose of dramatic effect that just sort of caused me to cringe internally. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the villain, either – reviews highlight how one-sided he is, and how he is purely just ‘a bad guy’; there’s not much to him, and he’s kind of overshadowed by Magneto, a beautifully complex villain(?) with so much background and explanation to his actions. (Warning: spoilers ahead.) Read More