The Fault in Our Clones: a few thoughts on Orphan Black’s penultimate season

First thing’s first: that season finale is probably going to stop me from sleeping for the next month or so. I can’t cope with all those cliffhangers. I’m half mad at Manson and Fawcett for doing this to us, but also half impressed that they and their team of (super) writers have been able to pull off another fantastic season for this brilliant, brilliant show. By now I’d somewhat expect some sort of falter in the quality of the writing (being the pessimistic little shit I am), but still the story has stayed fluent and beautifully paced, and taken us right back to the tale’s origins, and have thankfully not left Beth’s character in a dusty box in the attic – she’s brought back into the limelight, and with her she’s brought another addition to the clone club (M.K.), who I’m (almost) starting to love. Additionally, we’ve got another tasty slice of character development on Felix’s side of things, and Rachel’s back at her antagonistic ways once again. Any major criticisms? They really need to cut Cosima some slack. (Warning: major spoilers ahead.)

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