The Evolution of Bridget Jones: Is ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ All About Sexual Empowerment?

At 43-years-old, even Bridget expected to be settled down and married by now. But, despite the (what we thought was) pretty conclusive ending of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, she’s still single – though this time she refuses to listen to sad songs alone with glass of wine on the evening of her birthday. Now she dances alone to fun energetic songs with a glass of wine on the evening of her birthday. I know which one I’d rather be doing.

With all of her old friends settled down and married by this point in the series, Bridget seems to be slightly more distant from them now; this led me to posing this question: is it really that bad to be over 40 and still single?

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What Could The Marvel Cinematic Universe Teach Us About Mental Health Issues?

The release of Captain America: Civil War carried on the sobering tone that seems to be prominent in recent MCU films. In the past the stories have often touched upon serious topics, but this darker approach to filmmaking seems to be more obvious of late, arguably starting with Iron Man 3 and staying with most films in Phase Two of the MCU, and well into Phase Three. We’ve seen themes of loss, identity, war, internet privacy and politics threaded throughout these Marvel films, but one slightly less noticed subject that appears to be cropping up more frequently is that of mental health.

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