‘Sherlock’ Throwback: 5 Unexpectedly Dramatic Moments

With Sherlock being one of the BBC’s most popular drama TV programs, there is, quite shockingly, a lot of drama in it. From the face-off between Sherlock and the murderous cabbie in the very first episode, ‘A Study In Pink’ to that horrifying moment concluding the series’ latest episode, ‘The Six Thatchers’, we’re no strangers to shitting our pants at the intense events Holmes and Watson find themselves in during their ludicrous adventures.

There are some other moments during Sherlock that are undoubtedly dramatic, but… unusually so. Here’s a brief, spoiler-free look at the times Sherlock and John ended up in some unexpectedly action-packed circumstances in the first three series of this quirky crime drama.

1. That Fateful Night In Angelo’s

Sherlock and John’s “romantic” dinner ended up becoming a hunt for a particularly bad cab driver in the series one episode “A Study in Pink.” After having a candle placed on their table to set the mood, and John establishing that he doesn’t mind if Sherlock’s gay, the evening becomes a tad less sexy when Sherlock runs out of the restaurant halfway through the meal to chase after a cab that he believes contains the murderer they’re looking for.

Things get dramatic when we see this chase take place: John memorises the cab’s license plate number, and Sherlock impressively visualises the route the car drives down—in fact, things get so intense that John forgets the cane he uses to help him out with that psychosomatic limp he’s been having trouble with. Who would’ve thought that a nice evening out would end up curing John’s limp?

2. Nice To Meet You, Jim

Remember when Molly had a massive crush on Sherlock? Yeah, she wasn’t the only one. Her short-term boyfriend, “Jim,” in the series one episode The Great Game had a bit of a thing for him too. Unfortunately, his affections were a little less innocent and a tad more fanatical.

Turns out Jim was the criminal mastermind known as Moriarty in charge of all the murders that had been going on around London as a way of trying to get Sherlock’s attention. What we thought was just an awkward meeting with Molly’s closeted boyfriend ended up being our first encounter with the series’ main antagonist — I’d say that’s pretty dramatic.

3. The Quick Knee-Trembler In The Alleyway By Irene’s

John punches Sherlock in the face in the alley by Irene Adler’s house and almost brings him to his knees. Hence, knee-trembler. That’s basically what it means, right?

Anyway, in the series two episode ‘A Scandal In Belgravia’, the two men have a quickie next to Irene’s in order to trick her into believing Sherlock’s alias that he’s a vicar who has just been mugged. Unfortunately Irene isn’t an idiot, and she turns the tables on the two of them and shows up to greet them in her living room, naked. That is a surprise.

After a brief bit of nudity and a rude interruption by some boisterous Americans, a safe gets opened, a gun gets shot, and Sherlock really pisses Irene off by stealing her mobile phone that contains even more nudity on it. It’s all highly action packed, and even a little bit naughty.

4. When Your Best Friend Traps You In A Genetic Lab

You know you’re close when you can trap your friend in a lab as an experiment and he still wants to hang out with you afterwards. That’s what Sherlock learns in the series two episode ‘The Hounds Of Baskerville’, when he puts John in a psychologically traumatising position when he’s trying to find out what caused their client, Henry Knight, to hallucinate hounds killing his father in Dartmoor when he was a boy.

The whole nightmare scenario allows Sherlock to solve the mystery, so that probably plays a part in John not completely hating Sherlock after that nasty shock.

5. Two Men, One Stag Night

It’s not a proper night out until you’ve gotten drunk and tried to solve the mystery of why a man won’t call you back after a date. In ‘The Sign Of Three’, Sherlock and John try to resolve this problem for Tessa, a woman who’s convinced she dated a ghost.

After entering the flat where the mayfly man was last seen, the crime-solving twosome attempt to investigate, but instead end up passing out and waking up in a prison cell the next day. Oh, what a night.

Unexpectedly so, the mayfly man whom Tessa dated pulled this stint with a lot of women in order to get close to Major James Sholto, John’s old army commander who was invited to his wedding. The mayfly man was the photographer at the wedding and used it as an opportunity to murder Sholto and ruin John and Mary’s wedding day. Prick. Still, made for an exciting story to tell the children.

After the entry into a new year and a new series of Sherlock, it’s nice to have a bit of reflection upon the good times Holmes and Watson have had together, particularly so on the unanticipated action the two have participated in during their time together.

Here’s to another series of weird and wonderful murder mysteries and tales of the unexpected.

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