What’s Up With All the Sexual Deviancy in ‘Black Mirror’?

This article acts as a sequel to a piece written about porn in Black Mirror last year, so I’d recommend taking a cheeky peek at that one over here before reading this one. There’s also major spoilers for series four throughout this article, and a trigger warning for discussion of sexual abuse, so careful with this, kids.

It’s 2018, it’s been over a month since Black Mirror season four was released, and I still have a concerning obsession with sex in Charlie Brooker’s sci-fi anthology series. Delving deeply into the in’s-and-out’s of these new episodes gives an insight into the accessibility of sexually deviant behaviour in the modern age – paraphilias such as voyeurism and BDSM exist in new forms now with so much online pornography and fan fiction floating around the net (bet Brooker would love to know what kind of antics he and David Mitchell get up to on Archive of Our Own, arguably the kinkiest fan fiction site out there). Black Mirror finds some really zany ways of exploring how technology allows its characters to bash one out in the most inappropriate and morally questionable ways possible.

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